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Lovely visitors

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

A while ago my sister and her boyfriend came over for a visit. We had lunch and then cupcakes and had a really nice time. We played some Donkey Konga on my old friend the Gamecube and as always I kicked ass.


For lunch we had Jamaican Tempeh Patties but with extra curry (always a bit extra!) marinated beans and mushrooms, a green salad, cilantro yoghurtand olives. It was all good! You can see my sister, and her boyfriends arm!

Carrot cake cupcakes

And afterwards we had tea in the livingroom, and these delicious cupcakes. They’re carrot cake cupcakes (no raisins, yuck!) w. pecans and walnuts and topped with cream cheese frosting and some lemon zest. So pretty! And so tasty! Se my cupcake liners? They have cherries on them, so cute.

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